Artist in Art Studio

We are an NFT creator studio leading the metaverse.


CBNFT provides funding and guidance for early-stage projects. The earliest stage of a project is called Seed funding. It can support the art, the project, the mission, and even help pay for your expenses while you’re getting started.

Some projects need no extra funding, while others will require multiple levels of support for the financing and assistance in a project.


At CBNFT, our goal is to get you through the initial phases and be there with you every step of the way until your project is in the marketplace and alive.

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Who Are you?

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What is your mission? Your purpose? Your passion? How dedicated are you to pursuing an intricate project like NFTs?


A thriving NFT collection requires a community. What can your community rally behind to explode your project?


Whether you're a large brand or fresh face, we have the experience to make it all come together. We are looking for projects that have utility and value.


There is no one size fits all.  You and your focus, skills, and passion all determine the spirit of the project.


At CBNFT, we have exceptional leadership and knowledge of how the cryptoverse operates. Our team is able to assist with any project component, such as: the art, branding, social media, or building a community.


Let's work together to make an impact.

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CBNFT looks to collaborate with projects that display passion and purpose. We especially aim to support foundations that make the "real" world a better place.


If you have a cause or foundation you feel passionate about, let's create a lasting partnership today!